Tower classes are 3-5 person sessions using our Gratz Tower units (also called Wall Units). These units are a more compact version of the Cadillac, which provides a variety of springs, bars and other props that increase the difficulty, assistance and scope of a traditional mat class.

These 50 minute classes are for clients who have a foundational understanding of Pilates (with the exception of our Beginner Series designed specifically for new clients). Generally clients should be green lighted by an instructor before they register for Tower classes unless they have a strong background in this type of class.

Current Tower Class Schedule:


  • 6:30PM Intro to Tower


  • 3PM Mixed Level Tower

  • 6PM Beginner Series


  • 6PM Intermediate Tower


  • 7AM Intermediate Tower


  • 10:30AM Intermediate Tower


  • 10:50 AM Intermediate Tower