Our Philosophy of Fitness

Our mission at Union is to help individuals feel better in their body. To accomplish this we strive to teach people how to use and understand their body’s needs through the teachings and practice Joseph Pilates created. We believe that by understanding and becoming more present in our bodies that we are able to live healthier, happier lives.

Founded in 2013 by owner and instructor Ashley Newman, Union Pilates was created with a vision to set itself apart from other studios through a commitment to the core values of: 





To compliment these values Union offers high quality Pilates instruction with teachers certified in the authentic method of Pilates (also know as classical or traditional). All instructors have completed training programs that requiring a minimum of 700 hours of apprenticeship and 60 hours of classroom education and have had years of teaching experience. 
We exclusively use Gratz Pilates equipment, originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself, to ensure that our work is being done as it was intended.  We believe strongly in upholding the highest quality standards for our industry and in superseding them- as we tell our clients, ‘there is always room for growth and improvement’.

Union is proud to be a part of a strong community of other small, locally owned businesses that share our values and vision- learn about them here

Union is committed to cultivating an environment and community that is inclusive of all people regardless of their shape, size, color, gender, orientation, background or other differences.