Pilates is a safe, effective and challenging
Method of exercise for all bodies.
Union specializes in providing high quality customizable
exercise programs specific to individual bodies.

But Where to start?

Choosing an appropriate level and session type is the first step to embarking on your Pilates journey.  You should make this decision based on your body type, body issues or injuries and/or your currently level of physical fitness. If you are unsure of what session type or level is for you please get in touch with us at Union and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

In general those who are approaching Pilates to work on an injury or specific body issue or difficulty should start with some Private sessions.  Your time one-on-one with an instructor can make a huge difference as you learn and build your foundation in Pilates. 

Clients who come to Pilates with healthy bodies who are looking to increase their strength, flexibility, overall fitness or continue their work with Pilates can utilize our classes schedule to design their own fitness program.