Although Mat classes are the most prevalent type of Pilates offered they are one of the most advanced ways to practice Pilates. With limited props or individual assistance Mat challenges clients to know their limits and adjust exercises to their body’s needs. That said, Mat remains an essential piece to a Pilates practice and the most accessible modality of Pilates as you can do it anywhere and without equipment.

At Union we keep these 50 minute classes small, 5-10 clients, and leveled to help our clients to get the most out of their class experience. We also believe that Mat class, combined with Tower Classes and/or Private Sessions allows clients an extremely challenging and well-rounded Pilates experience.  

Mat classes may not be the best choice to start if you have an injury or body issue. For generally healthy and fit individuals Mat class is good way to start and continue your Pilates practice. During your class expect to use magic circles, weights and weighted bars to increase the difficulty and range of work on the mat. 

If you are unsure if Mat class is an appropriate way to start your practice get in touch with us

Current Mat Class Schedule:


8AM Mixed Level Mat


1:45PM Mixed Level Mat


10AM Mixed Level Mat